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WRAL SmartShopper

Monday meal plan

Posted September 13, 2010 12:21 p.m. EDT

This week we are enjoying steak for my daughter's birthday, stir fry tofu, boneless eye of round and more - what's on your menu?




Gilled chicken marinated in light Italian dressing (chicken breast on sale for $1.79/lb at Lowes Foods and Buy 1 get 2 free at Harris Teeter through 9/14)

Salad (carrots .99 for 2 lb bag at Lowes Foods through 9/14, green pepper .79 and cuke .52 at Walmart, tomatoes from garden, black olives on sale last week with coupon at Rite Aid)

Mahatma rice (free at Lowes Foods through 9/14 with sale and .75/2 coupon


It’s my daughter’s birthday so here is the meal she requested – Happy Birthday sweetie!

Grilled steak

Pasta salad


Cake (Not sure yet which kind she wants – she is still deciding. Interestingly, she also mentioned she might like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies instead of cake. Can’t wait to hear what she decides!)


Stir fry tofu and veggies (firm tofu $1.79 per container at Trader Joe’s – I use 1 and ½ containers for stir fry = $2.69 for the tofu)

Teriyaki sauce - .20

Veggies: Sauteed mushrooms (4 oz), ½ onion (on sale at Lowes Foods this week) and 1 green pepper (.79 at Walmart) = $2.00 for veggie cost

Rice – Free with sale and coupons a couple months ago

1/2 lb Grapes (grapes are on sale for .99/lb at Food Lion through 9/14) = .50

Milk for kids to drink – free using gift card at drug store from transferring a prescription

Total cost of meal for 4 people = $5.39


I am working late teaching a class, so it’s veggie burger and mac and cheese night with peaches (.69/lb at Harris Teeter through 9/14)


Spinach quiche

Biscuits (bought at Kroger a couple weeks ago with sale, coupon and promo)

Cantaloupe (hoping for a good sale starting Wednesday)


Boneless eye of round (on sale at Lowes Foods through 9/14 for $2.49/lb – a good price)

Sweet potatoes

Some kind of green veggie depending on what is on sale starting Wednesday (probably broccoli, spinach, green beans or sugar snap peas....we'll see)



Not sure yet – waiting to see what the Wednesday deals bring (in addition to Super Doubles at HT, of course!).