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Pierogie Casserole
Faye Prosser

It's Monday and time to plan your frugal meals around what you already have in your pantry, fridge and freezer and what's on sale at the stores this week. This is a week of eating some tried and true dishes the whole family enjoys. I already have a number of the main ingredients in the freezer (like chicken breast, salmon burgers, veggie burgers and pierogies).  I purchased them in the last few weeks on sale so I will have very little to buy for this weeks meals other than fresh produce.  I have included a couple recipes at the bottom. If you have any frugal recipes to share, I would love to read them!

What's on your menu this week?

Spinach and Feta Pierogie Casserole




Salmon Burgers
Whole Wheat Bread
Corn on the cob (.25 each on sale at Lowes Foods through 5/18)

Long grain Rice



BBQ Chicken in the Crockpot (chicken was $1.99/lb at Kroger last week)
Pasta Salad (using free Wacky Mac from Lowes Foods with printable .50 coupon from and sale good through 5/18)

Fruit - probably apples (.99/lb on sale at HT through 5/18) or grapes (.99/lb on sale at Food Lion through 5/18)



Veggie Burgers on whole wheat bread (Nature’s Own Premium bread on sale at Lowes Foods this week with .75 coupon from Sunday paper or printable coupon listed in grocery deals post from Wednesday.Total for loaf = $1.00)
Mac and Cheese

Broccoli (free Steamfresh with sale and coupons at Lowes Foods a while ago)



Semi-homemade pizza using Pillsbury pizza crust




End of season soccer team cookout!



Tofu Stir Fry
Steamfresh Asian Vegetable Medley


BBQ Chicken Recipe

You can use beef, chicken, pork, or other meat in this very easy and delicious crockpot recipe.



1.5 - 2 pounds chicken breast, beef stew meat, London broil or lean pork

½ bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce

½ onion, chopped

Salt, pepper and garlic to taste

Put chicken in crockpot. Season with spices. Pour barbecue sauce over meat and then add onion. Cover and cook on low for 7 to 8 hours, until tender. If you don’t have 7 hours to cook the meat, cook on high for 3 – 4 hours until done. It won’t be quite as tender as cooking on low for a longer period but it is still very tasty! Once cooked, take out chicken and pull apart with 2 forks. Mix with sauce and serve on rolls. Enjoy!

Pierogie Casserole Recipe

This recipe is actually on the back of the Mrs. T's Pierogies box so I didn't come up with this one myself. I did change a couple things though. It’s a great weeknight recipe because it is so easy to put together, tastes great and is done in 35 minutes.


1 box frozen pierogies

1 jar pasta sauce

4 oz. shredded cheese

1 green pepper diced

1/2 vidalia onion diced

Garlic powder and Italian seasonings to taste

Put frozen pierogies on bottom of 9 x 13' pan. Sprinkle veggies on top of pierogies. Pour sauce on top. Sprinkle cheese evenly over sauce. Finally, spice to taste with garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Sometimes I add diced chicken, shredded beef or tofu cubes for extra protein. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes uncovered until bubbling.

Cost Breakdown:
1 box frozen pierogies - using Cheemo Spinach and Feta Pierogies bought on sale BOGO with a $1 coupon = .50 for the box
1 jar pasta sauce - using Bertolli purchased during last triples for .60 with sale and .75 coupon tripled = .60
4 oz. shredded cheese - using Sargento low sodium cheddar bought on sale at Lowes Foods for $1.88 with .75 coupon doubled = .38!
1 green pepper diced - on sale .99 at Food Lion through 5/18 and usually the regular price at Walmart = .99
1/2 vidalia onion diced - bought 3 lbs for $1.99 at Lowes Foods 3-day sale last weekend - .22 per onion = .11 for ½ onion

Garlic powder and Italian seasonings to taste = .05

Total cost for Casserole: $2.63
Steamfresh Peas (bought on sale with coupon at Lowes Foods weeks ago = FREE
Grapes (.99/lb at Food Lion through 5/18) = .50
Milk for kids to drink = .50
Total cost for meal: $3.63

Even if I added 1 lb of cooked chicken breast to the dish it would only be $5.63 for the whole meal!


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