Monday meal plan 3-8

On the menu this week we have Brisket, Salmon Burgers and Roasted Garlic Baked Chicken

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Monday Meal Plan
Faye Prosser

This week is a combination of family favorites like brisket and easy meals for my husband to serve while I am working a couple nights.


Leftover Italian Pasta Bake with Spinach and Tofu

Lightly Buttered Steamfresh Peas (free at Lowe’s Foods with 3-week store coupons and .50 manufacturer coupon that expired yesterday. There is also a .35 coupon from recent insert making them .29 with store and manufacturer coupon)

Orange Slices (bought on sale in bulk bag at Food Lion last week)

Tuesday (hubby is in charge of dinner while I am teaching this evening)

Pizza (Lowe’s Foods cheese pizza on sale $2.49 - $1 pizza coupon found on tear pad a couple weeks ago = $1.49)

Baked Sweet Potatoes (.39/lb from local farmer a couple months ago – we bought 40 lbs and will enjoy them all winter!)

Cantaloupe (BOGO at Harris Teeter through 3/9)


Salmon Burgers (Trident Frozen Salmon Burgers on sale at Lowe’s through 3/9 BOGO)

Brown Rice (free Steamfresh frozen brown rice with store and man. coupon)

Rosemary Carrots (fresh carrots .79/lb at Walmart)


Roasted Garlic Baked Chicken

Whole Grain and Wild Rice



BBQ plates from softball fundraiser for the daughter of a friend


Baked Brisket with Onions (brisket found in marked down meat section a few weeks ago and put into freezer that day)

Garlic and Lightly Buttered Pasta Noodles (No Yolks on sale at Lowe’s Foods though 3/9 for $1.79 - .75 coupon = .29)

Sugar Snap Peas



Not sure yet….waiting to see what is on sale starting Wednesday

Wednesday Meal Cost Breakdown:

Salmon Burgers - Trident Frozen Salmon Burgers on sale at Lowe’s Foods through 3/9 BOGO = $2.75

Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins buns on sale last week $2.50 - .55 coupon doubled - $1.40 for 6 buns. We will use 4 buns = .95

Mayo, lettuce and tomato for sandwiches = .80

Brown Rice = FREE Steamfresh frozen brown rice with store and man. coupon at Lowe’s Foods

Rosemary Carrots - fresh carrots .79/lb at Walmart = .79

Milk for kids – FREE using CVS giftcard from transferring a prescription

Total cost for meal for 4 people = $5.29


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