Monday meal plan 2/7

This week's meal plan is pretty well rounded with shrimp, salmon, turkey, tofu and an egg casserole.

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Spinach Enchiladas
Faye Prosser

This week’s meal plan is pretty well rounded with shrimp, salmon, turkey, tofu and an egg casserole. Wait a minute – there’s no red meat to be found on the menu. I have plenty of beef stew meat, London broil and even some steak in the freezer, but just not in the mood for red meat this week. Don't worry, I’ll eat enough spinach that my iron levels won’t dip dangerously low! Ever have weeks like that where you just aren’t in the mood for red meat?




Pasta with shrimp (frozen shrimp is BOGO at Food Lion through 2/8)

Sugar snap peas (Green Giant boxed with no sauce on sale through 2/8 at Lowes for $1 - .60/3 coupon from 1-2 = .60 each)

Orange slices (Sunkist oranges 2 for $1 at HT and Lowes Foods - $1/2 coupon found at Lowes on beer display no alcohol purchase necessary = Free


Turkey hot dogs (these were on sale a while back BOGO - .75/1 coupon that was doubled at Lowes Foods and I stored them in the freezer)


Pasta salad with veggies



Sandwich night (turkey, tuna or veggie burger)

Leftover pasta salad

Orange slices

Spinach enchiladas (guacamole for enchiladas is on sale at HT and Lowes Foods for $2.00 - $1.50 printable coupon found HERE = .50 each)

Spanish rice



Baked salmon fillets (these frozen fillets were BOGO at Lowes Foods a few weeks ago)

Long grain and wild rice


Creamy tofu and mushrooms over pasta (Nasoya tofu bought at Harris Teeter: $2.19 regular price - .75 printable coupon I received via e-mail when I signed up for Tofu-U newsletter = .69 – a very good price for tofu)

Steamed carrots (2 lb bags of carrots are $1.47 at Harris Teeter = .73/lb)


Egg casserole with croutons, veggie bacon, green peppers, mushrooms, onions and cheese

Fruit – depends on what is on sale in Wednesday ads


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