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Mom of Teens: Translator needed

Posted August 23, 2011 8:50 p.m. EDT

Sometimes my daughters and I have conversations that, frankly, make no sense to me. Supposedly we are both speaking English. Somehow it doesn't feel that way to me. Let me give you an example that happened recently.

“Did you do your homework?”
“Yes. But I'm not sure what it was.”
“What do you mean you don't know what it was?”
“I don't know what it was. Well, I'm not sure.”
“But you just told me you did your homework.”
“I did.”
“Did what? Your homework?”
“How did you do your homework if you weren't sure what it was? What did you do? Just some random work?”
“No. I did the homework.”
“The homework that you're not sure what it was?”

At this point I just look at her. Frustrated, I head upstairs to my usual translator, hoping for some enlightenment. At least I think that's what I want. I'm almost afraid she'll actually understand. What would that mean then? I'm living with aliens? Oh wait. That was middle school. So I peek in her room and she's actually not texting at that moment. Great!

I begin with, “Your sister just said she did her homework.”
“But she's not sure what the homework was.”
“She's not sure what the homework was. But she did it.”
“Did what? How can you do homework if you don't know what it is?”
“I was hoping you could explain it to me.”
“I got nothing. That makes no sense.”
“So you don't get it?”
“No? Why would I? That's crazy nonsense talk. “

So since my translator failed me, I must ask two questions. Is there a teenage crazy nonsense talk translator in the house? And how much do you charge? I'm hoping you are in my price range. I may need you a lot over the next few years!

Marietta Taylor is the mom of two girls ages 15 and 14 and has been married for 17 years. The family moved from Chicago to Raleigh in 2003. The first few years were a wild ride and were the inspiration for her first book, "Surviving Unemployment Devotions To Go!" Read more about Mari on her blog and website. And find her here monthly on Wednesday on Go Ask Mom.