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Missing 2-year-old reunited with family at MetroLink station

Posted January 17, 2018 1:54 p.m. EST

— A 2-year-old Dellwood girl that had not been seen by her family for several days, was found Tuesday night. The baby lived with her mother and grandmother. When the family members learned she had been found they screamed with joy. Gemaria Cheers, the girl's aunt, said, "They found her, they found her oh my God I'm so relieved." Sharon Cheers, the girl's grandmother, said, "I'm so happy I'm ready to hold her I'm ready to go get her and everything."

2-year-old Aymira Robbins' mother let another woman take care of Aymira last week. The family had not seen the toddler or the 19-year-old woman since. It's believed the woman was homeless and she was known to frequent MetroLink stops, so police began checking surveillance video and spotted the little girl and woman Monday night around 5 p.m. downtown. Aymira was in a stroller wrapped in blankets to protect her from the cold.

The little girl and woman were found by St. Louis County Police working the MetroLink Hanley station Tuesday night.

Aymira's family moved quickly to rush to the scene to reunite with the girl. When she hugged Aymira, Sharon Cheers said, "This is the most precious, my baby hi Buddha, it's cold oh"

The family is grateful to the alert officer who found Aymira. Sharon Cheers said, "They're fantastic, they were on their job." Germaria Cheers added, "I love them, they did a great job. I want to thank the police so much for finding my niece."

Although it appeared Aymira was in good condition the family took her to the hospital to be checked out. The woman was being questioned by police but they are not calling her a suspect.