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Midtown residents complain of flooded streets

Posted November 28, 2017 1:38 p.m. EST

— Running water is a sound that could be considered soothing. If, it wasn't making a big mess outside your front door.

People in a midtown neighborhood say their street is flooding and they say the City of Atlanta is ignoring their calls for help.

Water gushing up from the ground is happening on the corner of 7th and Mentelle. And people here say the reason their street has become an urban spring is because the city let a small problem drag on for more than a year.

In fact CBS46 covered problems on this corner twice in the past two months. First as a massive pothole then it was the city failing to fix it in its quoted time frame.

CBS46 Is getting action. Since we started covering this water leak Monday, the city has since sent out a crew to try to fix the problem.

Stay tuned to CBS46 as we continue to cover this story and let you know when the problem is fixed.