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Metro Atlanta residents struggle with aftermath of Irma

The aftermath of Irma has plenty of people in metro Atlanta trying to get back to a sense of normalcy.

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Mike Dunston
ATLANTA, GA — The aftermath of Irma has plenty of people in metro Atlanta trying to get back to a sense of normalcy.

While you might have electricity, thousands of your neighbors do not.

At Avalon -- Alpharetta's newest shopping mall -- college students Marlie Tressler and Meredith Black made a movie choice that seems to mirror their lives lately.

"We're out of power, and we're home, so we wanted to go see a movie...Girls Trip," says Tressler.

The Georgia Southern University students evacuated from Statesboro near the coast to their parent's homes in Forsyth County.

Irma took away their at-home entertainment.

"It's just boring really," says Black, who doesn't have electricity.

Without a way to cook, some of the electricity-challenged drove to fast food parking lots to chow down.

Atlanta's Colony Square just opened up a pop-up co-working space for people who don't have power, including free tables, chairs, coffee, cookies and WiFi.

It'll be open Wednesday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

And at Ansley Park, we saw crews trying to get people going.

Robert Steed and his family are counting on crews to help give them back their comforts of home. His wife has to get dressed for work in the dark, and he worries how long the ice will stay solid for his food in the freezer.

"The power is out...all we had was a little wind, and then the power was gone...the message to Georgia Power is what's really the problem?" asked Steed.

Back at the movie theater, Black says her classes have been canceled until at least next week, and she's trying to be patient, thankful for the folks connecting the juice.

"I feel bad for all the linemen so thank you guys, thank you linemen," says Black.

The students know some people lost homes and lives in Irma, so they're trying to put their power problem in prospective.

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