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Mesa Public Schools explains why it took nearly 3 weeks to tell parents about teacher's arrest

Posted May 18, 2018 8:10 a.m. EDT

— Mesa Public School district officials waited nearly three weeks, only after the federal indictment was publicly released, to notify some Mountain View High School parents that a teacher was arrested.

The letter only went out to the parents in his classes, not the whole school and didn't mention the shocking child porn allegations.

The FBI interviewed Cummins on Wednesday, April 25.

District officials were not available for on-camera interviews today, but explained in an e-mailed statement, "On April 26, the Mesa Family Advocacy Center informed the district that Kyle Cummins was in custody of the FBI regarding a child pornography investigation."

Based on that information and no further information from Mesa police, the district said it placed Cummins on administrative leave on April 27.

"The district did not share any information with the community at this time, as our practice is to wait for the appropriate law enforcement agency to complete the investigation," according to district spokesperson Helen Hollands.

Hollands added the district didn't have additional information until the indictment was made public on May 15.

"Per district protocol, a message was sent to parents of students in Cummins' classes on May 16," explained Hollands.

That explanation isn't sitting well with some parents.

A few expressed concerns while waiting to pick up their children May 17.

Even though her granddaughter didn't have Mr. Cummins as a teacher, she would've liked to know as soon as the district knew of his arrest.

"They should've notified parents sooner," said another parent. "I'm upset and I'm really disappointed."

Others were a bit more understanding of the district's protocol and glad something was done.

"I'm glad the school did something about it. It's been taken care of," said another parent.