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Meet the Bridesmaids and Page Boys for the Royal Wedding — They’re Cute!

Posted May 17, 2018 10:56 p.m. EDT

None of the bridal party in Saturday’s royal wedding will be over five feet tall.


Bridesmaids in royal weddings are almost always children, and very rarely adult women. (Pippa Middleton’s role in William and Catherine’s 2011 wedding was a rare exception.)

1. Princess Charlotte, age 3

The most famous person in Meghan Markle’s tiny posse will be the bridegroom’s niece and the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka William and Catherine.

2. Florence van Cutsem, age 3

Florence is one of Prince Harry’s goddaughters. Her parents are his friends Nicholas and Alice van Cutsem.

3. Zalie Warren, age 2

Zalie is also Harry’s goddaughter. Her parents are his friends Zoe and Jake Warren.

4. Remi Litt, age 6

5. Ryan Litt, age 7

Remi and Ryan are goddaughters of Markle. Their mother is Benita Litt, one of Markle’s close pals. Their father is Darren Litt.

6. Ivy Mulroney, age 4

Rounding out the group of bridesmaids is Ivy, the daughter of one of Markle’s best friends, stylist Jessica Mulroney. Ivy’s father is Ben Mulroney, a Canadian television host and son of the former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney.


1. Brian Mulroney, age 7

2. John Mulroney, age 7

The Mulroneys are well-represented in the wedding party. Two of the four page boys are Ivy’s twin brothers.

3. Jasper Dyer, age 6

Jasper is the son of Harry’s friends Amanda and Mark Dyer.

4. Prince George, age 4

Last but not least is Harry’s nephew and the future king of England. (He is currently third in line to the throne, after his grandfather Prince Charles and father, Prince William.)