Meet Caulilini, a Lacy New Cauliflower

Posted July 30, 2018 11:59 p.m. EDT

You can see the cauliflower ancestry in Caulilini Sweet Stem Cauliflower, a new vegetable with a delicate, lacy ivory crown. Caulilini is grown by Mann Packing in Salinas, California, and is now in New York stores. Mild in flavor and acceptable raw, caulilini will be tender after a five-minute steam and an ice-water shock. Bathe whole clusters of the flower-topped stems in butter or marinate them in a vinaigrette. Use small clusters of the flower tops to garnish a soup, like a cold cauliflower velouté.

Caulilini Sweet Stem Cauliflower, $7.99, a pound at Eataly and Agata & Valentina stores.