McCrory launches his first ad

The Republican candidate for governor will begin airing his first ad of the campaign Friday. Other ads in the race have come from national groups.

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Mark Binker

Pat McCrory, the Republican candidate for governor, will start airing the first ad by his own campaign Friday. 

A campaign spokesman described the ad buy as "significant" and said it would appear in several markets across the state, but would not detail the dollar amount of duration of the purchase.

There have been other ads since the May 8 primary, when Republicans picked nominated McCrory and Democrats chose Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton as their parties' nominees. But those other ads have been the products of the Republican Governor's Association and Democratic Governors Association, national groups that have lashed out with attack ads. 

The McCrory ad is a positive piece and features the candidate walking through what looks like an empty warehouse space. McCrory's is the only voice in the commercial. 

"Okay, we're struggling in North Carolina, but we're still the best state in the nation. Let's forget about politics for a while and think about us. That's what we tried in Charlotte when I was Mayor. People of all parties built that city into an economic powerhouse. I'd be honored to help do the same for North Carolina. I'm Pat McCrory, and I'm running for Governor."


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