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Mayor Landrieu signs pay raise plan for NOPD

Posted November 2, 2017 11:07 a.m. EDT

— NOPD officers will get a 10 percent pay increase and some supervisors will get even larger raises under a new pay plan signed today Mayor Mitch Landrieu and approved last week by the City Council.

NOPD Chief Michael Harrison said the plan is designed to attract more officers to the force.

There are four key elements to the new pay plan and job classification system, according to the city:

Providing more competitive salaries across the board, to bring compensation for front-line supervisors in line with Southern regional averages; adjusting pay for entry-level officers by 10 percent; seasoned officers in the ranks of sergeant and lieutenant will see still larger raises.

Creating a new career path specifically for detectives, ensuring that they receive better compensation, and helping NOPD retain seasoned officers with a vital skill set.

Providing more opportunity for advancement for patrol officers; eliminating duplicative job descriptions, allowing motivated officers to rise more quickly through our ranks, and removing current administrative barriers to higher levels of compensation.

Addressing long-standing "compression" problems within the existing pay structure, by rationalizing pay differentials between senior ranks, and incentivizing long-term career investment by veteran officers.