Matthew McConaughey on whether he plans to run for Texas governor

Does Matthew McConaughey have political aspirations?

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Lisa Respers France
CNN — Does Matthew McConaughey have political aspirations?

The actor appeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" on Wednesday night and addressed talk that he plans to run for governor of his home state of Texas.

The "Dallas Buyers Club" star said he had just read a headline about his supposed political aspirations.

The whole thing gave McConaughey a laugh. "I have no plans to do that right now," he said.

"Right now, no. I don't get politics," he said. "Politics seems to be a broken business, politics needs to redefine its purpose."

"And so, as I move forward in life, yes, am I gonna consider leadership roles where I can be most useful," he added. "I'd love to. I'm doing that regardless."

The star has been doing plenty to help others, from pitching in to feed firefighters during the California wildfires last year to a virtual table read of "Dazed and Confused" last month to aid voting.

His love of Texas is also well documented, especially his die hard fandom of his alma mater University of Texas Longhorns football team.

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