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Marimekko Home Furnishings That Are Affordable

Posted February 26, 2013 11:25 a.m. EST

The high style textile company Marimekko, from Finland, produces home textiles with legendary, iconic patterns. Those easy-to-recognize color-saturated graphic textiles have a price, though. As someone on a budget who is absolutely head-over-heels for Marimekko textiles, I have found some places to buy them at a discount. While I can make no guarantee that you will find exactly what you want (for instance, their perennially popular pink Unikko flower print textile products rarely can be found on sale), if you're willing to do some Internet hunting, you just might.

FinnStyle Sale Items: FinnStyle has a sale section, where they sell Marimekko home decor products (and clothes!). Many of the home decor products are in seasonal prints that have been discontinued. However, they sometimes have classics on sale. The discounts are not exceptionally deep, but paying $42.25 instead of $53 for a Marimeeko Lumimarja Grey/White Throw Pillow (for instance) is not bad.

Crate & Barrel Marimekko Shop Sale Items: Crate & Barrel's Marimekko shop features a limited number of well-curated Marimekko products. Their sale section often features deeply discounted Marimekko paper products (like paper plates), and moderate discounts on seasonal and discontinued items. You can occasionally find classics there.

The Marimekko Store Sale Section: Marimekko's US store has an awesome sale section on its website. They often have an excellent selection of bed linens, for about 20% off of the retail price (there is some variation in the percentage off).

Marimekko Concept Store Sale: New York's Upper West Side Marimekko Concept Store also sells online, and their online store has a decent sale section. It's a good place to find seasonal and classic Marimekko kitchen and dining goods at sometimes up to 50% off.

Always Mod Sale: Let me count the ways that I love Always Mod. This online store deals exclusively in Marimekko merchandise, and their selection of Marimekko home textiles is fantastic. From classic designs to seasonal merchandise, they are well stocked. Their sale section is not to be missed. Though their prefabricated home textiles are not so deeply discounted, the great discounts that they offer are on Marimekko fabric. If you sew, don't miss Always Mod's sale fabrics.

eBay: eBay is (sometimes, as is the nature of eBay) a treasure trove of discounted Marimekko textiles. Yesterday I found $4 Marimekko fabric tote bags that someone had sewn. You'll often be able to find new-in-package Marimekko bedding, as well as vintage fabrics. It's worth checking on eBay before making a full price Marimekko purchase. You never know what you'll find that day.

Etsy: For handmade throw pillows made of Marimekko fabric, Etsy is the place to look. There are a number of Etsy crafters who sew pillow covers and throw pillows from Marimekko fabric, and they sell them for less than the ones that are produced by the company. Look for vintage Marimekko tablecloths and clothes on Etsy, too.

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