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Man wrongfully tied to deadly 2016 Dallas police shooting files lawsuit against city

Posted July 16, 2018 1:56 p.m. EDT

— In the chaos of the 2016 shooting that left five Dallas police officers dead, one man was caught up in the mix as a potential suspect by a post on DPD's Twitter page.

The case of mistaken identity was sparked after Mark Hughes was seen carrying a gun at the rally. Hughes turned over his gun and went to the police department to clear his name, but even after he was cleared, DPD didn't immediately delete the tweet.

Now he's taking legal action.

"There was no retraction," said Hughes' attorney Lee Merritt. "For months, the Dallas Police Department left the tweet up on their Periscope website. There is still a great deal of confusion in identifying Mark as somehow involved in the shooting."

Hughes and his brother are being represented by Merritt, who spoke to us about the case over the phone.

Merritt says they filed the suit on Monday, just before the statute of limitations ran out.

"They had no desire to file a lawsuit," Merritt said. "We gave them time, we presented other opportunities, they were rebuffed at every corner. These gentlemen were wronged, we believe that it speaks towards bigger issues of community policing and protocol."

Merritt told us that they're in the process of getting the city served, and they aren't expected to get any big money from the suit.

"In my experience, it won't be a particularly lucrative lawsuit," Merritt said. "The aim is not really to look for the financial gain as a result of it, it's that when you violate someone's civil rights, and you know you're wrong, you have a responsibility to take some action in order to rectify or mediate the damage.