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Man travels across the country by dog sled for homeless

Posted March 13, 2018 2:11 p.m. EDT

— For more than a year, Georgie Cutright and his two dogs have traveled more than 2,100 miles and still going.

This story begins in Knoxville, Tennessee. Cutright was living out of his van but it broke down. He decided to do something different, something bold. He created a sled out of a skateboard and a beach chair and used his two Huskies to pull it.

"It's about reaching out to people to change lives, even though I may not have much to offer," Cutright said.

He is traveling across the country to give homeless a voice, showing them they can achieve great things if they put their minds to it and to raise awareness for others not to ignore the needy.

He has traveled across several states and is currently here in Arizona.

He says the dogs do love the journey. He made special shoes for them so they don't wear out the pads on their feet. Also, that the load they're pulling isn't much.

"If they didn't love it, I wouldn't do it and the moment they want to give up is the moment I stop," Cutright said.

He plans to make it to Venice beach. Cutright plans to write a children's book about the adventure from the perspective of the dogs.