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Man orders 2 waters at Greenville hot dog joint, leaves $10,000 tip

Posted October 21, 2018 1:56 p.m. EDT

— A server at Sup Dogs, a popular hot dog joint in Greenville, got quite the surprise Friday afternoon when a customer walked out and left $10,000 cash sitting on her table.

WRAL spoke with Bret Oliverio, the owner Sup Dogs, who said a man entered the restaurant on Friday and ordered two waters.

He sipped on the waters for a few minutes while he browsed the menu, and then he left without ordering anything else.

Man orders 2 waters at Greenville hot dog joint, leaves $10,000 tip

Oliverio said the server found $10,000 in cash on the table along with a note that said, "Thanks for the delicious water."

Sup Dogs staff soon discovered that the mysterious Good Samaritan was MrBeast, a YouTube star who has 8,875,075 subscribers.

Oliverio said he reached out to the man once he discovered his identity to ask him why he did it. "He said he wants everyone to know that good things still happen to good people," said Oliverio. "I thought it was pretty cool."

Oliverio said MrBeast's friends apparently stayed inside the restaurant to record the server's reaction, but the video has not yet been posted online.

The server kept $800 but chose to split the rest with her coworkers.

"I think he wanted to make someone's day and wanted to get that 'wow' factor," said Oliverio. He sure did!