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Man hit by Lime scooter driver while walking on the sidewalk

Posted July 16, 2018 1:54 p.m. EDT

— It was like any other day. Cody Daniels had just clocked out of work and was walking of this out of a downtown Dallas parking garage.

Someone on a electric scooter hit him at full speed.

"Stepped onto the sidewalk and then he hit me from this side, straight to the ground," Daniels said. He said he couldn't see him. "He hit me faster than I could turn my head really to look."

Feeling panicked, Daniels felt his face and saw blood.

"So I ran back into the store, to the bathroom, just to look what my face looked like."

This is what it looked like.

A trip to the emergency room, and 7 stitches later, he's looking a little better.

"It hurt, yeah," says Daniels.

He says the guy on the scooter didn`t even stop to help. "Watch out for these people on scooters, hopefully someone will see this and maybe not get hurt. Maybe it will help someone."

But, it`s not just Daniels whose concerned, around the country, people complaining about the electric, dockless scooters are making headlines.

Darren Laughlin, an Indianapolis man says, "I was crossing the street, I had the walk signal, and somebody on one of the scooters comes screaming around the corner and run into the side of my chair." He was hit, not once, but twice by people riding the scooters recklessly.

Daniels says, "Yeah, I just want people to get them off the sidewalks."

According to Lime`s website, riders are responsible for accidents and injuries, and each scooter company encourages driving safely.

But, at the end of the day, change could be on the horizon.

The scooters are on a 6 month trial basis with the city of Dallas.

There is no do doubt crashes like Daniels` will be part of the discussion.

We have reached out to Lime for a response, they tell us they will follow up once they know more about the situation.