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Man accused of secretly recording women at Buckland Hills mall

Posted June 15, 2018 1:10 p.m. EDT

— A man was arrested for recording women's rear-ends at a mall in Manchester.

According to police, Zachary Buckley, 30, of Rocky Hill, was spotted using his cell phone to record women who were wearing tight or short clothing at the Shoppes at Buckland Hills.

Police said Buckley was first seen doing it on June 3. He returned on Sunday to do it again.

A responding officer said he saw Buckley sitting in a lounge area of the Hollister Store on Sunday. The suspect appeared to have his phone out in such a way that suggested it was recording.

Buckley first told the officer that he typically goes to the mall to eat.

When asked of he was taking pictures of women, he first said no. However, he eventually admitted that he "might have a couple."

The officer said he asked to see them and that's when Buckley admitted that they were actually videos that were recorded on an escalator.

The video showed Buckley following a woman onto the escalator and zooming in on her buttocks.

Buckley said that none of the females he recorded were children.

He also admitted to recording women back on June 3.

He consented to having his phone searched.

An initial review showed pictures and videos of other women being followed at either a gym or mall.

All of the women appear to have been wearing tight clothing.

None of the video showed women's faces.

As a result, mall security said Buckley was banned from the property for five years.

Police charged Buckley with breach of peace.