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Not spending enough time on yourself? How many moms do. Mary Michele Little of One Chic Mama offers a few tips to perk yourself up.

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Mary Michele Little

Between carpool, work and keeping the house clean, moms have little time for themselves. It’s rare that we have time for indulgent soaks in the tub, afternoons at the day spa or evenings lounging around watching grown up movies. But the good news is that with so little time for ourselves, it doesn’t take a lot for us to feel indulged. Here are a few of my favorite pick-me ups to remind moms that they matter too:

1. Dress Up for Daytime – If your usual uniform is jeans and a tee shirt, treat yourself to a dressy outfit even if you’re just staying home. Try a sequin top with your jeans and add a cardigan. Or wear a pretty dress with leggings, something satiny or a favorite piece of jewelry. Wear your good things everyday!

2. Treat Yourself – Indulge yourself in a special treat such as a piece of dark chocolate, an exotic cupcake or a favorite bite-sized goodie. A small treat won’t blow your diet and will satisfy your sweet tooth. Savor each bite.

3. Mini Spa – Plan your own mini spa-escape and include the kids. A face mask is great for your pores and will make the kids laugh. Let your older kids rub your feet or your shoulders. Microwave a little hand lotion for 5-10 seconds and rub it on your hands for a cozy treat.

4. Scent of a Woman – Aromatherapy is a powerful thing and can help remedy the most stressful day. Spritz on a favorite fragrance or light a scented candle to bring a little calm to your life.

As a busy mom it’s important that we do little things for ourselves that help us feel special. When we do take a little time out for ourselves it rejuvenates our spirit and we’re able to bring that energy back to our families. Just remember, you’re not just a mom, you’re a woman, too!

Check back here every Friday for fashion tips from Mary Michele Little, executive editor, style expert and image consultant of One Chic Mama.

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