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Made by Mom Gift Guide: The Clean Bar Shop offers handmade, small batch body products

Posted December 6, 2020 9:00 p.m. EST
Updated December 7, 2020 6:45 a.m. EST

Courtesy: Kimberly Boyd

Kimberly Boyd is nearing the second year of business ownership. With The Clean Bar Shop, Boyd specializes in handmade, small batch soaps and body products that come in gorgeous designs and are made with thoughtful ingredients.

Boyd started experimenting with making body products in March 2019 and opened her business in January 2020. A former teacher, she and her husband also are raising two young boys. "Between March 2019 and January 2020, lots of researching and experimenting was happening to ensure that I was creating safe and effective products," she tells me.

The Clean Bar Shop is featured on Go Ask Mom's 2020 Made by Mom Gift Guide. Keep reading for more information about Boyd and her work. And stay tuned for more Made by Mom features.

Kimberly Boyd, owner of The Clean Bar Shop

Go Ask Mom: What was the aha moment for The Clean Bar Shop? Why did you decide to launch the business?

Kimberly Boyd: The "aha" moment for my business was when my mother and sister, who both have psoriasis, were able to use my products and it treated their fragile skin with gentleness. I knew I created something special. I decided to launch this business because I truly believe that I have a gift and this is my way of giving back to the world. I put so much care into my products. I haven't purchased any kind of soap or lotion since April 2018. I use my own products because I know what's in them. As people, we deserve so much better than what the "big commercial" world gives us.

The Clean Bar Shop

GAM: What all do you offer?

KB: The Clean Bar Shop offers soaps, body butters, lotion bars, lotions, facial serums, lip balms, healing balms. We offer a lot of body products that does the skin good!

GAM: How has COVID reshaped your plans for the business?

KB: Honestly, COVID hasn't been too cruel to the business because people started to turn to different avenues to get soap. At one point, you could barely find soap anywhere, and people got creative! They bought my soap and got hooked. The only thing that COVID has affected is the shipping time from suppliers. Shipping takes a little longer, but it only forces you as a business owner to plan a little farther ahead.

The Clean Bar Shop

GAM: You're facing a lot of challenges, but what's been your biggest reward as a business owner so far?

KB: The biggest reward would have to be watching the business grow and expand, and knowing that I, little old me, did it. No one else, just me. Being able to take ownership of a business that I am proud of... there's no better feeling.

The Clean Bar Shop

GAM: Going forward, what's your hope for The Clean Bar Shop? What are your future dreams for the business?

KB: Going forward, I would like to continue to expand my brand and online presence. I do hope to have a real, true "workspace" where I can make and produce much more soap to give out to the world!