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Made by Mom Gift Guide: Ginger Pink

Last spring, as school wound down, this mom-and-daugter duo launched a business selling handmade cards and baby items.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
Alison Stephenson is next in our Made by Mom Gift Guide, your guide to unique gifts made by local moms (and one dad). Stephenson and her daughter Ashley launched Ginger Pink, selling handmade cards and baby items.

Last spring, as the school year wound down for Ashley, now a junior at Raleigh Charter High School, she suggested a summer activity. The mom-and-daughter duo had always enjoyed crafts. Ashley wanted to make and sell cards and stationary. Alison's graphic arts and web design business had slowed with the economy and so she decided to give her daughter's idea a shot.

The two began making cards for holidays, birthdays and other occasions. And they started marketing and networking as well to get the word out about their fledgling business. Ashley met with other women business owners at a meeting of Chix in Business, a local group that supports women in business, where she received feedback and support.

In August, Ashley was already ready to grow the business to include baby items. Alison, who grew up in Barbados where all her clothes were handmade, had made items for Ashley when she was a baby. Ashley suggested her mom start making bibs, onesies, blankets and other pieces.

These days, Alison spends hours shopping for the right fabrics and materials. When each item is finished, Ashley meticulously inspects each card and baby item to make sure they are well made and safe.

"Ashley has so many design and products ideas for things we should create, that I’m always amazed and have to laugh at times to see how much she gets into it," Alison tells me about her daughter. "The greatest joy of this venture is working with my family."

Ginger Pink's cards start around $5 a piece. Baby blankets sell for around $32. And Ginger Pink's travel set, with matching bib, changing pad and burp cloth, sell for about $45. And they welcome custom orders.

And Grandma will be getting involved in the business shortly. Alison's mom soon will be selling her knit hats, sweaters and scarves.

See what Ginger Pink offers on the website, the Facebook page and Etsy shop. And watch the video to learn more.
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