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Lynda Loveland: The bet

Posted July 27, 2011 8:43 p.m. EDT

Lynda Loveland

My eight-year-old daughter Campbell is a talk-aholic. I’ve blogged about her before. Some days I go hours without hearing the voices of my other two kids because Campbell is in the midst of a run-on sentence/conversation that goes on and on and on.

My Chatty Cathy also has been asking for an iPod Touch. Have you seen how expensive those things are? Holy cow! I told her she’d have to sell some of her things that she doesn’t play with anymore and get the money herself.

Well, I got an idea the other day after listening to Cam talk non-stop from the time she got off the bus until bath time. I said, if you can stay quiet from the time you get home until you wake up the next morning, your Dad and I will buy you an iPod Touch. Randall whipped his head around and shot me a look. I said honey, please. We are soooo safe on this one.

So the next day, she gets off the bus and its game on.

She comes in the house and plops down in front of the tube. I called Caiden to come into the kitchen and start his homework. I call to Cam. I say, “Sweetie, do you want to do your homework now or chill for a minute?” And exactly 7 minutes, 39 seconds after the bet started, she responds with, “No I’ll…” Then silence.


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