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Lynda Loveland: Tables turned

My younger daughter, the four-year-old, is using MY technique, to offer my kids choices, but for evil.

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Lynda Loveland
Lynda Loveland

This parenting thing is a work in progress. There’s a big ole learning curve to get through and it just gets curvier as your kids get older.

I’m always experimenting with different tactics to see what works. I’m a big fan of choices. Do you want to wear this or that? Do you want to clean up your mess or go to your room? That kind of thing. It’s worked pretty well, so far. It seems to help avoid arguments and meltdowns. I don’t care for either.

But now, my younger daughter, the four-year-old, is using MY technique for evil.

My mom took her to the store the other day. Carys wanted to go down the toy aisle, of course. She wanted a Barbi,e but my mom said no, you don’t play with all the ones you have. Carys wanted doll clothes. Mom said no, you leave them lying around on the floor. Then it got interesting. According to my mom, Carys said, “Oma, you have two choices. You can either buy me a Barbie or buy me doll clothes.”

What???????? Oh she’s good all right. So what do you think Oma did? She did the only thing a grandmother can do. She opted for the Fashionista Barbie.

Lord help me…

You got one like that?

And for the record, I do not buy my kids toys when we go to the store. Really.

Lynda is the mom of three and co-host of Mix 101.5 WRAL-FM's Bill and Lynda in the Morning. Find her here on Thursdays.


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