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Lynda Loveland: Simple manners

Kids have a lot to learn while they're growing up, I get that. But there's one thing that parents can't skimp on teaching: Manners!

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Lynda Loveland
Lynda Loveland

Kids have a lot to learn while they’re growing up, I get that. But there’s one thing that parents can’t skimp on teaching: Manners!

My family recently took a trip to Florida, and I was shocked by the lack of simple, common courtesies by children and adults alike! For example: Waiting to get on the elevator until everyone’s gotten off, waiting your turn in line and a thank you where appropriate.

Let me do a disclaimer: My kids are certainly NOT perfect, nor am I a perfect parent/person. But they SEE me practicing good manners and HEAR me telling them to do the same all of the time.

When I see parents modeling bad/rude/disrespectful behavior in front of their kids, I just want to go through the roof! How do their kids stand a chance?

We all have to live here together. How about we not make it a teeth grinding experience?

Lynda is the mom of three and co-anchor of the WRAL-TV morning news on Fox 50. Find her here on Thursdays and on Facebook.



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