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Lynda Loveland: A WHAT kind of birthday party?

Carys' fifth birthday isn't until February, but she has it all figured out. She informed me she wants a "beauty makeover party."

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Lynda Loveland
Lynda Loveland

My kids have very distinct and different personalities. My boy is all boy and my two daughters are polar opposites. The youngest, Carys, is four and couldn’t possibly have any more estrogen flowing through her body. She refuses to wear anything but dresses and insists on picking out her own clothes. She’ll spend 10 minutes in front of the mirror combing her hair. She LOVES all things girly.

Her birthday isn’t until February but she has it all figured out. She informed me she wants a “beauty makeover party." I said, “a what?” A beauty makeover party, she says very matter of factly.

Of course, I’m thinking, don’t you have to wear makeup to have a beauty makeover party? Plus, you’re FOUR! How about a Sesame Street party? Yeah, that didn’t really go over well.

I never did anything like that as a kid. I was a tomboy through and through. I guess a little sparkly, glittery, little kid makeup would be fine for her party, but that’s where I draw the line. That one episode of Toddlers and Tiaras is firmly burned into my memory.

Plus, she’s my baby…

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