Lowes Foods SUPER DOUBLES 4/18!!

I have confirmation that Lowes Foods will be offering their awesome Super Doubles promotion from 4/18 - 4/24! Read on for the coupon policy and details.

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Faye Prosser


I have confirmation from a very reliable source that Lowes Foods will be offering their awesome Super Doubles promotion from 4/18 - 4/24!  Thank you Lowes Foods!

Here's how it worked when they Super Doubled in February:

* They will double coupons that are $1.98 or less (A $1.00 coupon doubles to $2 and a $1.50 coupon doubles to $3.00.  A $2 coupon will only be accepted for $2 and will not double at all.)

* They will double up to 20 coupons per day (You can still use more than 20 per day - they will only double a total of 20 per day.)

* They will double up to 3 identical coupons.

* They will not allow you to do separate orders that result in doubling more than 20 coupons per day.

* They will not double Do Not Double coupons according to the policy.

* The policy also indicates that no rainchecks will be given for out-of-stock items.

Click HERE for the Lowes Foods Super Doubles Coupon Policy.

I will have time to start working on a Super Doubles good deals list sometime on Sunday. Please post any deals you find before then in the comments section below and and I will add them to the list. 

Thanks to csparker for the initial heads up about the promotion in the Share the Deals section today!  As always, until Tuesday afternoon rolls around and we actually see the ad posted on the Lowes Foods website, things can change. But, at this point it looks great for Super Doubles starting on Wednesday!

Isn't this exciting?!


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