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Iggy Cosky, of Raleigh, is the brains behind one of Raleigh's newest and brightest bands, The Lollipops.

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RALEIGH, N.C. — One of my most disappointing life discoveries revolves around one glaring concept; most people can’t fathom exerting themselves without some sort of compensation.

Let’s be honest, a vast majority of people don’t know what it means to love something so much, that simply being able to do it is payment enough. I know, at times, I certainly fall under this category. Who doesn’t like getting something back for a little hard work?

Enter into this argument Iggy Cosky, of Raleigh.

Cosky is the brains behind one of Raleigh’s newest and brightest bands, The Lollipops. His attitude and appreciation for the music he creates is truly infectious. And when you hear any one of their songs (offered for free on The Lollipops Bandcamp page), you can sense so much of that enthusiasm.

And then the reality of what you are listening to sets in. This is the byproduct of a dark time.

Cosky was admitted to a mental hospital in March 2012. You can probably count the number of people you’ve met in your life on one hand that would admit this so freely.

This was a clear crossroad, and the birthplace of The Lollipops. Every day in the hospital offered a chance for Cosky to write a new song. After five weeks, he had a collection he knew he had to introduce to the world.

After meeting up with Nathan Price (DiggUp Tapes), The Lollipops was finally something tangible.

And the best part is, they want you to hear it and aren’t asking for anything in return. 

This was one of my favorite shoots. Not because of the music or how I shot it. But because I really felt like I was helping a band that genuinely deserved it.

The Band: 
Iggy Cosky - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Drum Machines, Keyboards/Synths
Nathan Price - Bass
Bernard Hanlon - Guitar, Keys
Mike Meno - Drums

Matt Stone - Keyboards, Percussion


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