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Lodi Family Searches for Owner of Pit Bull that Killed Their Chihuahua

Posted May 21, 2018 4:00 p.m. EDT

— A Lodi mother is desperate to find the owner of a pit bull that attacked and killed her chihuahua in front of her kids at a dog park Sunday afternoon.

While giving belly rubs to her dog Muppet, Misty Armstrong said she can tell he misses his friend Petey. Petey was a chihuahua and longtime member of the Armstrong family.

"He was 17 years old and a part of my life for a very long time," Armstrong told FOX40. "So he's been through ups and downs with me and always been by my side."

Armstrong's 7-year-old daughter, Avery, remembers Petey having a problem common among dogs. "His breath smelled." But the family loved him all the same.

Around 12:30 p.m., Armstrong took both dogs to the Vinewood Dog Park in Lodi along with Avery and her friend, Reilee Sink.

"We were just laying on the grass petting them and another little dog came and we were petting the other little dog," Armstrong said.

Armstrong says Muppet and Petey were both extremely mellow at the time, as was the other dog.

"And then all of a sudden, this guy came and this pit bull, brown pit bull, just came right in between us," she said.

For reasons unknown the pit bull grabbed Petey by the neck and began to violently shake him. Armstrong says she jumped up and tried to get the pit bull to stop as her daughter watched on in horror.

"That dog would not let go of him," Armstrong said. "As hard as I could hit him on his head, he would not let go of him."

Armstrong says the pit bull's owner, captured in a photograph, did little to nothing during the attack.

"If he would have helped me and was apologetic and showed some emotion for me, I think that would have been a difference but... " Armstrong told FOX40, shaking her head.

Afterward, Armstrong rushed Petey to the veterinarian but he didn't make it.

"The children they were crying and it's emotionally hard," said Mark Armstrong.

Meanwhile, Misty Armstrong says during the chaos she never got contact information from the pit bull's owner, her emotions getting the best of her. She only yelled at the man to leave.

While they've filed a police report, the Armstrongs hope the man will come forward.

"I want justice done," Misty Armstrong said. "I don't want that dog to be around any other dogs. I don't want this to happen to anybody."

Apparently, this incident is not the first time there has been a dog attack resulting in a death at the dog park. People FOX40 spoke with say two other dogs have been attacked there within the past several months.