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Local woman decorates Christmas trees to spread cheer

Posted December 7, 2017 4:15 p.m. EST

— For years, Inga Spinks has had a fascination with Christmas trees.

It's not uncommon for her to have as many as 13 to 15 in her home.

"I really got interested in it because it's somewhat therapeutic for me to help with holiday blues. I lost my mom 30 years ago and Christmas sometimes was hard," she said.

She decided to spread that same Christmas cheer to other people hoping to lift their spirits.

"I developed a love for Christmas trees and as I did it more for other people I realized how much of a need there is just among other people who deal with hardships and grief during the holiday season."

She decorates Christmas trees for friends, family and people she hasn't met before.

Her latest tree was decorated for the Pathways Center in Greensboro – a family shelter operated by Greensboro Urban Ministry.

Spinks considers herself a novice decorator, but last year, she had an opportunity that many professional decorators would jump at.

She served as a volunteer holiday decorator at the White House.

Her next project is to decorate a tree for her Alma Mater Bennett College for its upcoming choir concert.

Beyond that, Spinks has one Christmas wish.

"Partner up with some other people in the community who can help me do it much more grand and so hopefully maybe next year or in a few years I'll be able to do it on a much bigger scale where I touch many more people, but I need more help than what I'm able to do on my own."