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Local Church Focusing On Security After Deadly Texas Church Shooting

Posted November 7, 2017 11:19 a.m. EST

— In light of what happened with the deadly church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, staff at Cross Church said security is their number one priority. They said they want everyone to feel safe in places of worship, but they recognize the threat and said they know that anything can happen.

"Obviously, the world is an evil place and we want to keep our campuses, our church and hope that all churches across the country will take security very seriously," director of communications Brian Dunaway said.

Dunaway said all of the five Cross Church campuses have off duty officers who patrol during services, but this is something that they have been doing before the tragedy in Texas.

"With the rise in violence throughout the country, we have moved to keep those officers in uniform so that they are visible, and everyone knows," Dunaway said. "We use that as a deterrent."

Dunaway said Cross Church pastor Ronnie Flyod started off at a small church like First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, which is just miles from his hometown.

"We spoke last night about it and his heart breaks over it and he understands A, the need for security and continues to keep that high, but also he understood the demographic and the geographical limitations like that."

The church also has protocols in place for staff and volunteers if a situation like the one in Texas were to happen, and there are surveillance cameras at every entrance at all five Cross Church locations.

Cross Church does not allow people to conceal carry guns on their campuses. Although signs are not posted about the gun policy, it is put in the church bulletin.