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Local business helps kids with the college process

Christine Hall, a long-time high school teacher and administrator and the mom of three,

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

Back in my day, most kids started thinking about college around junior year. Maybe you'd take a college trip over spring break. You'd apply to a half dozen schools. And once you had that fat acceptance packet plus financial aid and logistics all set, you'd go to one of them.

These days, Christine Hall says middle school isn't too late to start thinking about college. Hall, a mom of three in Cary, owns CMH College Consulting, which offers curriculum planning and academic advising for prospective college students. Hall also helps students with college essays, the application process and college selection.

Hall, who holds a doctorate in education from Vanderbilt University, has worked in high schools for more than 23 years as a teacher and administrator. For many of those years, she's helped kids as they made their way to college.

Hall says there is plenty of focus on reading, writing and test scores, but there isn't a lot out there for kids who are good students and on track, but not quite sure how to start the college process. They may have their act together when it comes to grades, but, as Hall says in the video, they have no idea how to figure out which college is right for them.

"There's just not a lot of direction given to those kids," says Hall (who is no relation to me).

Hall will be offering tips for getting through the college process starting Wednesday for the next four weeks. If you want to learn more about what she does, check her website.

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