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List of Turkey Deals through Nov. 19: As low as $0.27/lb!

Posted November 15, 2019 12:00 a.m. EST
Updated November 20, 2019 1:42 a.m. EST

Harris Teeter turkeys on sale for $0.27/lb

There are some super deals on frozen turkey through Tuesday, November 19 including whole turkeys as low as .27/lb! This is a great week to buy your Thanksgiving bird!

Keep in mind that some of the lowest prices require an additional purchase of $25 to $40, not including the turkey price. If you are already doing your Thanksgiving meal shopping at these stores, you will probably not have any problem spending the required minimum.

Keep in mind that the prices below are valid at participating locations and are from the ads for Raleigh, NC area stores. You may want to check the ad for your local store to verify the price.

These deals are valid 11/13 - 11/19/18, unless otherwise noted.

As you can see on the receipt below, we only paid $3.46 for a 12.83 /lb turkey! The regular price before the sale and the extra discount was $20.40. That's a savings of $16.94!

Harris Teeter turkey on receipt

Harris Teeter turkey tag


Shady Brook Farms, whole frozen turkey, .59/lb

Butterball whole turkey, 10-22 lb frozen, .87/lb, limit 2

Kirkwood boneless turkey breast, 48 oz, frozen, $8.99

Carlie C's

Frozen turkey, .48/lb - .21/lb off with CC digital coupon AND $35 additional food purchase, limit 1 = .27/lb

Butterball turkey, .99/lb with additional $35 food purchase, limit 1

Frozen turkey breast, $1.29/lb

Food Lion

Frozen turkey, 10 lbs or larger, $0.29/lb with an additional $35 purchase.

Butterball frozen turkey, 10 lbs or larger, .99/lb

Turkey breast, frozen, $1.49/lb

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter frozen turkey, 10-24 lb, $0.27/lb with an additional $40 purchase (not including the turkey), limit 1

Butterball frozen turkey, 10-24 lb, $1.29/lb

Butterball frozen turkey breast, $2.99/lb

Jennie-O cook in bag boneless turkey breast, 2.75 lb package, $8.99


Butterball frozen premium all natural young turkey, 13 lb 18 lb, .78/lb

Lowes Foods

Honeysuckle White frozen turkey, .37/lb - $1.20 LF digital coupon = as low as .27/lb (for a 12 lb turkey) with additional $35 purchase, limit 1

Butterball hen or tom turkey, 10-20 lb, frozen, $1.39/lb, limit 4

Turkey breast, frozen, $1.99/lb


Publix young turkey, 10-24 lb, frozen, .39/lb, limit 2


Whole turkeys, all-natural, antibiotic free, $1.59/lb

Organic free-range turkeys, $2.99/lb


This deal is valid 11/10 - 11/16/19

Butterball frozen turkey breast, $1.79/lb, limit 2

Trader's Joe's

Starting Nov. 15th, Trader Joe's will have the following turkey sales:

Fresh turkeys, 12-22 lb, are $1.99/lb

Glatt Kosher Turkeys (12 to 16 pounds) are $2.99/lb

Organic Turkeys, 10-16 lb, $3.49/lb


This deal is valid 11/10 - 11/16/19

Jennie-O frozen turkeys, .68/lb (at select locations - I found this price at the Garner location in the 40/42 area)

Butterball frozen whole turkey, .98/lb


Shady Brook frozen turkeys, $0.27 a pound with a $25 additional purchase

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market Whole Turkey, $1.99/lb Prime price

Whole Foods Market Organic Whole Turkey, $2.99/lb Prime price