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Go Ask Mom

Lissy Wood: Microwaving hot dogs, other parenting adventures

Posted October 14, 2014 8:04 p.m. EDT

It's OK to let your child go out and about in costume.

Remember back to the time when you were childless? All those thoughts, ideas, and judgments as you observed parents and children. There were so many “I would never do that” or “if only they knew how to discipline” or, even my favorite, “my children would never act like that."

Parenting is glamorized and, before you have children, seems so easy. Standard thoughts like “tough love” and “just have them on a schedule” appear to people without children as a simple and easy parenting method.

And then you have kids …. and you have to eat a lot of those words you had about parenting. Here are some of mine (judgement free zone!):

  • As a former teacher and now parent, I now understand why some moms were not dressed in the 9 a.m. carpool line. (Sorry to all the moms I judged when I had morning carpool duty)!
  • Yes, you can microwave hot dogs.
  • I will not judge moms that have not showered until 8 p.m.
  • I do have kids that cry or scream in the store/park/pool. (Sorry to all the parents I gave dirty looks to before I had children).
  • I have been known to be a short order cook for my children on some nights.
  • Homework is not a time for bonding. (Sorry to all my past parents of students)
  • Don’t tell my dad … but I do have dirty dishes in my sink some nights
  • I have resorted to bribery on occasion (sometimes with candy!).
  • My sensitive child does carry a blanket around. (I swore against this before kids).
  • My child has been known to wear costumes in public.
  • And lastly, we do watch TV during the week and … gasp … in the car too!

So, to all of my friends, all the strangers, and anyone with children I was around before I had my own kids, I am sorry for all my opinions and judgments that I had about parenting. I love being a parent, but it can be tough. Sometimes you just have to resort to microwaving the hot dog and not breaking out the grill!

Lissy Wood is a former teacher, Triangle mom of two and founder of Wake Gifted Academy, which is schedule to open in June 2015 with summer camps.