Hometown Hello: March 21-25, 2011: Unusual art

Hometown Hello: March 21-25, 2011: Angier, Bailey, Lucama, Bynum, High Point

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The Gourd Museum in Angier was founded by Marvin and Mary Johnson in 1965. It displays gourd crafts from all over the world and is in the Angier Municipal Building.
The Country Doctor Museum founded in 1967 celebrates rural health care. It displays more than 5,000 artifacts.

Lucama is famous for Vollis Simpson's Whirligyg farm. He creates scrap metal sculptures which blow in the wind.

Bynum is the home of Critter Crossing, where Clyde Jones displays his chainsaw art. His brightly colored animals made from stumps and logs have been displayed in the Smithsonian and on the Great Wall of China. Jones doesn't sell his artwork; he only gives it away for free.
High Point

High Point proudly boasts the largest chest of drawers in the world at 28 feet tall. The local chamber of commerce built the landmark in the 1920s to honor the city's history as a center of the furniture industry. The chest of drawers sits at 508 N. Hamilton St.

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