Hometown Hello: Action towns

Posted June 4, 2012 11:53 a.m. EDT

Roaring Gap

The name of this Alleghany golfing community comes from the noise of the wind rushing through the mountains. Near Stone Mountain State Park, the town was established as a summer resort in the 1980s and is the home of the YMCA Camp Cheerios today.

Boiling Springs

This Cleveland County town 50 miles west of Charlotte is named for underground springs.


This mountain crafts town has a population of 1,668. It lies in Yancey County, near Mount Mitchell State Park.


Farmers established this Pitt County town in the 1760s. Today, it's home to 4,656 people and a popular Dogwood Festival.


Originally part of the Cherokee nation, this town is named after William Tryon, a British colonial governor of North Carolina. Today, the town has a population of 1,760 and is a center for equestrian activity and the fine arts.