Hometown Hello: Towns in flight

Posted April 16, 2012 11:46 a.m. EDT

Kitty Hawk

Originally called Chickahawk, this town is home to the Wright Brothers Memorial. It's a favorite vacation spot and home to a permanent population of about 3,000.


This northeastern Cumberland County town is named for Falcon Pens. It was originally called Starling's Bridge and is near the Mingo Swamp.


A large locust tree gives this southwestern Stanley County town its name. The town, established in 1905, the town has adopted the motto "A City with a Soul."

Eagle Rock

The eastern Wake County town is named for a rock where an eagle fell after being shot. The town has a country store with Rook Games and once had a major printing press.


This community in west-central Mitchell County is named for a professor. It was the home of North Carolina's first free library and lies along Snow Creek.