Hometown Hello: 'Hunger Games' towns

WRAL's Bill Leslie takes the "Hometown Hello" to towns used in the making of the movie "The Hunger Games."

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"The Hunger Games" filmed for nine days near the Henry River Mill Village. The movie's bakery scene was shot here, and scenes were also shot in nearby Connelly Springs.


The fireball sequence in "The Hunger Games" was shot in this town near DuPont State Forest. Katniss' pond is here, and the movie used many area trails and waterfalls.


The stars of "The Hunger Games" stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Asheville. The movie's bloodiest scenes where shot at Craggy Pinnacle Peak Trail, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.


"The Hunger Games" used old warehouses in this town to film the reaping and Hob scenes. The Pleasant City Wood Fire Grille was a favorite of actors and crew, and Miley Cyrus stopped by during the filming.


Charlotte stood in for the Capitol in "The Hunger Games." The teenage tributes went through their training here and starred at the Knight Theatre.