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Scotty Contest Winner

Posted May 26, 2011 7:28 a.m. EDT

We have a winner in the Scotty McCreery connection contest. The 2011 American Idol winner made a most favorable impression on his first grade teacher. Here is the winning story.

I was Scotty's 1st grade teacher! I remember the 6-year old Scotty as a smart, respectful, Elvis-loving little guy with a great sense of humor. But my favorite "Scotty Story" is actually when he was in 4th grade. Each student in his class was asked to write an essay about someone they were thankful for in their lives. That person was then invited to a "Thankful Tea". As it turned out, Scotty wrote his essay about me, and sent me an invitation to the Tea. I was the only teacher at the Tea, as most students wrote about a parent, grandparent, or sibling. I still have the essay, and pulled it out when I learned that Scotty was going to be on American Idol. I am hoping he might autograph the essay for me one day! Not only was this one of my favorite "Scotty stories", but it was also one of my most treasured moments as a teacher.

If the person who wrote that story will send me their name and address I will send them a musical prize!

In honor of Scotty's big win I'd like to propose a new album called Celtic Country by a new artist to be named Merle Haggis!  What do you think?