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Name that boy!

Posted January 6, 2011 7:27 a.m. EST
Updated January 6, 2011 7:35 a.m. EST

If you were going to have a baby, what would you name him or her? I would love to get your answers.

WRAL anchor/reporter Kelcey Carlson and her husband Dave are struggling with a name for their second son due in March. I thought we could help them out.

Some of the more popular boy names in North Carolina are William, Jacob, Christopher, Joshua, Noah, Ethan, Michael and Alexander. I really like Kyle, Connor and Cameron.

Today I suggested to Kelcey the name "Winston" based on my new hero, Winston Churchill. Kelcey said Winston sounds like a dog. Oh, well. Maybe she and Dave will go with "Rufus." That's my dog's name, and the legendary British Prime Minister also had a canine pal by the same name. And besides, Elizabeth Gardner says she went with a popular dog name for her son Max.

What do you think?