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Gifts - good, bad & ugly

Posted December 23, 2010 8:23 a.m. EST
Updated December 23, 2010 8:40 a.m. EST

What is the funniest Christmas gift you have ever received? What about the worst Christmas gift or most unusual? And the best? Please share your stories.

The year I gave my wife Cindy a sparkling new set of pots and pans as her BIG present was the year I grew as a husband. As co-anchor Renee Chou stated this morning during a commercial break women don't want practical gifts for Christmas. Since that social blunder many years ago I always try to come up with at least one romantic gift for Christmas.

Last year I got a call from a guy near Columbia, SC. He said all his wife wanted for Christmas was a signed set of my CD and book collection. It was a last minute request and he drove all the way up from Columbia to Raleigh to secure the purchase. I was both honored and impressed. I have several people coming by the station on Christmas Eve tomorrow to pick up my music/book package.

My worst gift was a toy, Robert the Robot, in the second grade when I really wanted a bicycle. The funniest gift was a wooden woodpecker. It came the year I battled a woodpecker bent on building a nest in the cedar siding of my first house in Cary. The next year I gave it back to my brother-in-law.  The best gift was the birth of my son William just a few days after Christmas in 1988.

How about you? Please share your stories.