Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Mall Madness

Posted December 20, 2010 9:09 a.m. EST

What was I thinking - going to one of the the Southeast's largest malls on the Saturday afternoon before Christmas. It's not that I have anything against Crabtree Valley. It provides a wonderful array of stores and restaurants. But for a guy who doesn't like crowds Saturday  was a bit overwhelming.

The most interesting part was leaving. I took a wrong turn (based on my 1980's memory of traffic patterns at the mall) and wound up on a ramp heading back up to the mall's upper parking deck. 40 minutes later I finally escaped. Never again. I will definitely do my shopping at Crabtree a bit earlier next year.

Crossroads in Cary also tests my patience this time of year. Cary has redone the traffic patterns there and it's helped but it is still not perfect by any stretch.

Where do you like to shop for the holidays? Wow us with your best story.