Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Different But Special

Posted December 14, 2010 10:27 a.m. EST

We are talking about gifts this week. Thanks for your ideas. I received a gift a week or so ago from a delightful 13 year old in Smithfield. Owen Daughtry has written a book titled Different but Special. It's about Owen's struggle with cerebral palsy. It's a beautifully written and illustrated 25 page story from the son of Bryan and Dee Dee Daughtry.

Owen's goal with the book is to assure handicapped children that they can have a happy and fulfilling life. Through hard work, perserverance, a loving family and a strong religious faith Owen is doing remarkably well.  He is poised, courageous, articulate and beams with enthusiasm and hope.

Different but Special can be purchased from various online vendors and from his family by contacting Jackie Daughtry at or calling 919.934.6505.

Congratulations Owen! You've done an outstanding job!