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River Angel

Posted December 2, 2010 10:22 a.m. EST
Updated December 2, 2010 3:35 p.m. EST

What is your most memorable dream? Please share. Post your dream and become eligible for a copy of my new CD, Simple Beauty. I will put all of the entries in a hat and pick a winner next week.

I truly believe that dreams tell us something about ourselves that we don’t already know. However, dreams can be difficult to understand because they are rich in symbolism. Most dreams should not be taken literally. Dreams are very personal. The best interpreter of a dream is the dreamer. Dream work takes time but the rewards can be great, I believe.

I wrote a song about a dream I had last year in New Zealand. A melody came to be while sleeping in a hut in Fiordland National Park on the South Island. We had been hiking along a pristine river during the day. That night I dreamed of a beautiful angel rising up out of the river and urging me to slow down and enjoy the scenery. I tend to go through life at a breakneck pace. I needed to be reminded to cool my heels and savor the beauty of the moment. The gift to me was a song I called River Angel. It is the 10th track on Simple Beauty. I used some of my New Zealand pictures to accompany this instrumental. I hope you enjoy the music/photo essay.

I’d like to thank violinist Jennifer Curtis and cellist Nancy Green for their excellent work on this song. Jennifer and Nancy are dream musicians. They play with a remarkable passion. The song begins with sounds of the Clinton River in Fiordland. I captured those sounds with a digital pocket recorder. I play both acoustic guitar and Celtic whistles on this tune.

So much for my story. What are your big dreams?