Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Holiday traditions

Posted December 2, 2010 9:50 a.m. EST

Send me your holiday traditions and I will send you a CD. Now I can't afford to send everyone a copy of Simple Beauty but I will send one to the person with the most unusual or interesting holiday tradition.

One of my favorite holiday traditions starts tonight. It's the annual Christmas Show at Johnston County Community College in Smithfield. I've been doing this for about ten years and it's a barrel of fun. We have great crowds every year for shows Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I will debut a new Christmas song I just finished last weekend in the mountains. We have lots of great performers from around the area.

Another one of my favorite holiday traditions involves music. I've been singing solos at Cary Presbyterian Church on Christmas Eve every year since 1980. One year they turned out the lights for the candlelight part of the service and I couldn't see the music. The next year I bought an Itty Bitty Book Light to help me see.

Moravian sugar cake and freshly squeezed orange juice is served every Christmas morning at our house. That's a sweet tradition. And the Leslies always travel to my sister's house in Ashland, Virginia to listen to the trains, eat Miriam's cheese biscuits and read books by a roaring fire..

What about your favorite holiday traditions?