Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

100 Days of Fitness - Day 25

Posted December 2, 2010 8:22 a.m. EST

We're a quarter of the way there!  This is day 25 of my 100 Days of Fitness Campaign. 

I had a great workout yesterday featuring intervals of strength training and cardio. I used both free weights and the machines at Lifetime Fitness in Cary. Plus, I hit the treadmill and finished things up with a spirited shooting exercise on the basketball court. It was a solid 50 minute workout. I was very hungry by the time I arrived home but string cheese and a hummus/ham sandwich helped satisfy my appetite.
I never thought I could get used to hummus as a mayonnaise substitute but I'm starting to like it.

Though I did struggle a bit with my weight over Thanksgiving I think I am making progress. My wife says I feel “rock solid” when she gives me a hug. Special thanks to Coach Tara Wind for her wide range of exercises. On my own I shy away from lunges and squats. But Tara pushes me to include these in every weekly workout. Plus, the plank exercises as part of my core regimen are truly producing results. 

I am going to take it easy today. I've got a music show tonight in Smithfield but I will be back at the gym tomorrow for another cardio workout. Thanks for following this diary. I know a lot of you have missed my usual Carolina Conversations topics. My plan is to do both - this exercise journal and fun stuff about North Carolina.