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100 Days of Fitness - Day 17

Posted November 24, 2010 10:01 a.m. EST

I shook things up a bit on my 100 Days of Fitness workout yesterday. I worked later than usual here at the station due to breaking news but when I finished I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. So I bypassed the cardio regimen at the gym and ran outside for 50 minutes I capped the run by circling the bases ten times at a Cary ball park. My new shoes are helping. I wear Adrenaline by Brooks but it’s important for me to have the D width. I bought some cheaper and narrow versions of the same shoe model online a while back and they really hurt my feet. From now on I will not scrimp when it comes to running gear – especially following my big toe surgery last year.

Nutrition and Fitness Coach Tara Wind has whipped up a fresh strength workout today with a dual focus of core and total body. She has given me a stern warning about tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal: “EAT! But keep it under control!” I think I’m ready to meet the challenge. How do you “keep it under control” for Thanksgiving? I’d love to hear your strategies.

Okay, here’s today’s workout:

Set 1:Core
Plank hold on Bosu 1 minute
Side plank hold on Bosu 30 seconds each side Plank hold on Stability Ball 1 minute Plan hold on Stability Ball back and forth rocking 20 reps Bosu twisting holding medicine ball 20 High plank - feet on Bosu - knee to chest at an angle - 20 each leg
2 sets of the above

Set 2: Total Body Cables
One arm cable chest press (optional forward lunge)
12.5 lbs 10 each arm
One leg squat to bicep curl
10 lbs, same leg or opposite leg 10 each side Overhead press
12.5 lbs, 10 each arm
Tricep pulldowns
17.5 lbs, arms at the same time, one leg, 20 total One arm, one leg, cable row
22.5 lbs, 10 each arm/leg
2 sets of the above

Set 3: Balance/Stability/Bosu
Front lunge onto Bosu with med ball twist to side
8 lb ball, 20 total alternating legs
Squat on Bosu with med ball chops
10 each side
One leg touchdowns holding med ball, bring ball to opposite shoulder 10 each side One leg deadlift holding ball 10 each leg
2 sets of the above