Bill Leslie's Carolina Conversations

Success! 100 Days of Fitness

Posted November 23, 2010 7:55 a.m. EST

100 Days of Fitness is working. I lost one lb. last week as I adhered closely to the plan. I had five solid days of exercise. I limited my red, eggs and ham servings to two for the week. My mid afternoon snacks were planned and controlled. This week I am eliminating mindless eating. With Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast I will be happy to maintain my current weight when I hit the scales again Tuesday morning. It sure beats putting on five lbs. like I usually do over the holidays.

This is day 16 of the campaign. Coach Tara Wind has crafted a cardio workout today. I will run one mile, bike for eight miles and then climb 25 flights of stairs. Any questions?

Tomorrow I will have a core and total body workout. Stay tuned for details.