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100 Days of Fitness - Day 15

Posted November 22, 2010 8:51 a.m. EST

This is the third week of our 100 Days of Fitness campaign and I'm pretty excited about how things are going. I spent 50 minutes on the basketball court Friday in an exercise of my choice. I took 150 jump shots and ran a few laps around the court. Friday night Cindy and I went to one of our favorite restaurants. I didn't feel guilty at all ordering a delicious salmon and bow tie pasta dish at Cafe Luna in downtown Raleigh.

The Christmas parade, a football game and a wedding kept me pretty busy on Saturday. On Sunday Cindy and I took Rufus on a long walk. Today I'm ready to get that heart rate up again. Plus, Coach Tara Wind has added a new element to the nutrition goals for the campaign this week: eliminate mindless eating. This can be a problem when I am watching ballgames on television. What about you? Do you ever do mindless eating and if so, how do you curb it? Please share your thoughts.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Stay tuned for the results.

Here is our Monday work-out:

Circuit 1:
3 minutes rowing - resistence at 10, s/m > 30
20 pushups
20 tricep dips (off ledge near window)
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 2:
Step up to balance - either on medium box or cable step machine - hold 15 lbs each hand
10 right leg, 10 left leg
One leg bicep curl to overhead press - 15 lbs
10 right leg, 10 left leg
One leg tough down - all the way to the ground holding a 15 lb wt in the hand opposite leg you are standing on
10 right leg, 10 left leg
Repeat 3 times

Circuit 3:
Front plank hold 45s
Front plank hold - leg kicks to side - 15 right, 15 left leg
Side plank hold - elbow on bosu - 30 seconds each side
High plan with feet on bosu, hands on mat - knee to chest 15 each leg
Repeat 3 times